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Wonder Jet views


Product Number: 40605
For ages 1 to 7
Dimensions: 47' long x 21" high
Wing span is 22"

This safe ride-on toy simulates flight action for ages 1 to 7 years old (up to 200 pounds). The pilot controls the flight action by leaning in the direction desired. Real jet sounds emit from the speaker, matching each position of flight. The Wonder Jet is lit with a pin-point laser light beam from the nose, allowing the pilot to light up the sky for a night flight. Red port and green starboard LEDs blink on the wings and tail.

The plane vibrates to simulate the feel of take-off, turbulence, and landing—all electronically controlled by an internal, original design, Orientation Sensitive mechanism.

The action ride-on toy is mounted on a sturdy adjustable base. Five stabilizer pads level the jet, and an adjustable Telescopic Turret has a hydraulic piston to adjust the height.

The Wonder Jet runs on household current, is UL approved, and includes the safety features of a seat belt, lean limits, and an automatic shut off when not in use after one minute.


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