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First released 1962


Gaylord the battery-operated basset hound behaves much as the real thing, which is to say, with a very limited range of functions. At the tug of a leash, this plastic pedigree plods along taking slow high steps. Not high enough for a stairway, but maybe he could make it up a series of stacked books if so enticed with his toy bone waiting at the top. A metal strip wrapped around the center of the bone enables being picked up by the dog's magnetic snout. So, I guess you could say he has animal magnetism!

Once in a while, Gaylord's head dipping ear dragging strolls lead into a tight corner. Should this occur, another tug of the leash backs him out in reverse. This is, coincidentally, the same technique used by real-live basset hounds since they are not fond of bending at the middle.

Finally, one last not-so-real function is a simulated barking sound made by squeezing a bulb in the leash handle. It's doubtful this squeak would scare anyone away but just to play it safe keep him quiet if your are expecting a toy delivery.

After Gaylord waddled his way into our homes, in 1964 Ideal followed their popular pup with Lady Gaylord, a smaller pull toy version. Besides differing in methods of movement and size, Lady may be wearing her bonnet, or if not, can be distinguished by her painted eyelashes and hard plastic tail. Along with her dog house toy box, other terrific cardboard accessories included with Lady were a wheeled cart, box of Doggie bits, and a food bowl.


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