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Super Pool flyer
Courtesy American Classic Toy, Inc.



American Classic Toy Product No. 50003
Tabletop Dimensions: 30" x 60"
63" x 31.5" x 7.5"
For 2 or more players -- ages 5 and over

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Super Pool Deluxe

So versatile, you'll never need anything else! Comes with real pool balls. Sturdy, adjustable, removable legs. Table stores under a bed.

Super Pool Games bar
Possible games that can be played with Super Pool. See Super Pool Deluxe for the ability to play more games!

Both Super Pool and Super Pool Deluxe games include 15 numbered pool balls, 2 cue sticks, 2 pieces of chalk, traingular rack, multigame surface mat, 30 Backgammon pieces, 24 Checkers, 1 deck of cards, 4 dice in two colors, 2 dice cups, 1 doubling cube, 10 Bowling pins, 6 different numbered obstacles, and a 32-piece Mandarin Chess Set.

For more fun, Super Pool Deluxe comes with Hockey and Table Tennis game table tops.


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