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The Sting game


CATALOG : GAMES - Table Games

Ages 10 and up

The stakes are high, and so is the excitement in this billion-dollar board game of strategy and bluff inspired by the hit movie, "The Sting." Just like the con man heroes of the movie, players compete to see who can pull off the biggest sting. But be careful—if you don't work your deal with skill and finesse, instead of stinging, you could get stung!

Players start out with a cool billion in folding money, and roll dice to move around the board, landing on properties of increasing value. Airlines . . . coins . . . stocks . . . diamonds . . . you can build your big con on just about anything. When you land on a property, you get a deal card that could be worth from $1 million to $250 million—or it could be a worthless "Sting" card. Which is it? Nobody knows except you! If your deal is a sting, try to bluff everyone into thinking it's real. Get through two rounds of bidding and you've pulled off your sting. But your bluff could backfire! Any player who thinks a bid was too high can challenge.

It all makes for a lot of fast-moving, fast-dealing, and especially fast-talking action!


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