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GAMES - Skill

For 2 to 4 players

Into the center of the arena, spinning at high speed, come the color-coded tops, launched by their trainers from the corners of the stadium. Now the battle begins! the tops circle each other warily . . . and then "POW!" Two of them collide . . . and "wham" another two hit! . . . and over in this corner a melee of 4 . . . ZOCK! CRACK! SPLAT! and now tops are flying all over the place! When the tumult and the shouting dies, the last top to remain spinning in the ring is declared "the winnah." Take a tip from the smart money boys. Get a bundle down on the Battling Tops to win big.

Includes: 6 tops, 4 pullers (to spin tops), 4 scoring pegs, 1 stadium.


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