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Skyview of urban plan


Building Sets


Ages 8 and up


Super City is comprised of 10 basic injection molded building units that press together snugly, quickly, and firmly. Modular construction permits framing the most sophisticated types of design, such as cantilevers, set-backs, and overhangs. Snug fitting plastic inserts (2 1/8" square) that serve as facings, come in a wide variety of materials, colors and decorative effects, including brick, travertine, clapboard, cement, and gravel. “Glass” inserts offer fluted, come, pyramid or plain treatments.

Included are Motorific tracks and trestles, in scale with famous Motorific cars and trucks, to serve a great city's traffic flow.

SUPER CITY Building Sets:
Basic Building Set (125 pcs)
Builder Set (over 173 pcs)
Giant Building & Roadway Set (464 pcs)
Landscape Set (20 pcs)
Roadway Accessory Set (58 pcs)
Skyport Deluxe Building Set (over 475 pcs)
Skyscraper Building Set (over 350 pcs)
Skyscraper Set (368 pics)
Starter Set (over 106 pcs)
Town & Country Building Set (over 220 pcs)
Town & Country Set (236 pcs)

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