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Mighty Mo dump truck in box

three Mighty Mo vehicles


CATALOG : BOYS - Vehicles

Mighty Mo are big vehicles that keep on rolling—up inclines, over obstacles, pushing everything from their path. No batteries, no electricity, no complicated power system to worry about. They all have Ideal's exclusive Might Mo safety clutch to protect the gears during tough action. Each vehicle has its own moving part for realistic playtime fun.
Each sold separately; collect all six!

Mighty Mo Cement Mixer has a rotating cement mixer drum.
Mighty Mo Tow Truck has a hand crank to lift other vehicles.
Mighty Mo Dump Truck has real dumping action.
Mighty Mo Military Jeep has a radio antenna and shovel.
Mighty Mo Bulldozer has adjustable blade for realistic ploughing.
Mighty Mo Fire Engine has a telescoping aerial ladder.


Mighty Mo Jeef, Bulldozer, and Fire Truck toys


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