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Evel Knievel Funny Car ad


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Evel Knievel's Signature authorizing this product

CATALOG : BOYS - Vehicles

This "funny car" is a dragster equipped to handle the racing challenge. A "funny car" is a stock body slipped over a dragster engine and chassis. This one is a real mean machine, styled to win and with power to burn. Even standing still it looks like it's moving fast—hunched way down in front to beat the stlipstream, with an oversize spoiler stickup up in back for stability, and fat slick tires for road-gripping traction.

Tuck your Eve Knievel figure (not included) snugly in the driver's seat, then wind up the pwoerful gyromotor. Out it leaps in a wheelie, zooming up to 100 feet at race-winning speed!

The whole body lifts up to reveal a super-detailed chrome-look racing engine, with a super-charger on top and eight individual exhaust headers poking out the side. Comes complete with energizer.

Needs no batteries or electricity.


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